Company profile

De Zwart Vervoers Consultancy is specialised in optimising transport flows throughout Europe. Established in 2004 by Ronald and Bianca de Zwart, the firm has achieved steady growth every year since then. The office has recently relocated to Lisse, with a transfer facility in Abbenes.

De Zwart Vervoers Consultancy aims to provide comprehensive solutions for transportation and logistics, transport flow planning, and special transport. This family-run firm can count several renowned international companies among its client portfolio, and new customers find their way to De Zwart Vervoers Consultancy every day.

The founders of De Zwart Vervoers Consultancy both have a track record in transportation and logistics. Practically-minded with a no-nonsense approach, they are committed to achieving cost savings for their clients through efficient freight loading and by working with the right partners. The short internal lines allow De Zwart Vervoers Consultancy to quickly respond to need and circumstance, and to always be one step ahead. By always fulfilling agreements and communicating clearly with the client, De Zwart Vervoers Consultancy is a natural choice for shippers.